Skinny laMinx x Frazer Parfum

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Design label Skinny laMinx has teamed up with Frazer Parfum to create African-inspired luxury packaging for the perfume house’s African Parfum Solide Collection. Skinny laMinx designer Heather Moore’s iconic Pincushion Protea design has been used for the range.


The design started out as a paper cutout of a Pincushion Protea, created in the Skinny laMinx studio in Cape Town. The design was used to make decorative wall decals, and then was incorporated into the Skinny laMinx textile range as homewares and furnishing fabrics. Tammy Frazer of Frazer Parfum works with artisans to create unique containers for her African inspired fragrances and loved the simplicity of the Pincushion design and its reference to the Cape floral kingdom.


About the collection:


The African Parfum Solide Collection is made using fragrance from natural sources for a subtle scent that sits close on the skin. The fragrance is set in beeswax and encased in either an African blackwood or porcelain container. Frazer sources the wood from the Mezimbite Forest Center in Mozambique and works alongside director Allan Schwarz to promote sustainable forestry and community upliftment.


Blackwood is the hardest wood available, and ensures that the perfume doesn’t seep through the grain. It also has a solid weight that gives the container a sense of gravitas. The smooth, unglazed porcelain containers have a delicate appeal further enhanced by the hand-sized egg shape design. The African Parfum Solide Collection comprises of six scents: Namibia, After the Rains, African Soliflore, Rose, African Soliflore Jasmine, African Soliflore Ylang Ylang and African 2 Soliflore Ornage Blossom.


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