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NicSocks x Daniel Ting Chong



NicSocks is a loud, local, limited edition sock company started by Nicholas Haralambous. Nicsocks are manufactured in Cape Town, environmentally friendly and proudly South African.


The latest range is available as of today and is a collaboration with graphic designer/illustrator Daniel Ting Chong. The collection is the first of the Artist Foundation, an initiative to produce limited edition ranges designed by local artists.


Nic asked Daniel a few questions about his experience designing socks. The interview is up on the NicSocks blog. Here’s a bit of their Q&A:


NS: Why did you take on a project involving socks of all things?


D: Every year I try do a self motivated project that is out of my comfort zone, it is the best way to grow as a creative. When this collaboration dropped in my inbox, I couldn’t wait to begin. I think there is great merit in doing something that you’re really naive about and learning about all the new processes.


I have never designed for socks before and thought it was a great opportunity to learn about sock textile design. One’s vector graphics gets translated into a stitch block, which essentially is like working in pixels. I thought that was really interesting and wanted to push that process as much as I could. The other reason why I took it on was because sock design has been quite mundane over the years and I wanted to inject something really fun ideas into socks.


NS: Was this project particularly challenging?


D: Definitely and that was the great part. You can’t always design and expect it to be perfect. Working with restrictions is great, but it’s always interesting to know the limits of it and try push it. When designing these ranges, I had to understand the colour palette limitations but more importantly the stitch count alignment. My approach to the designs were that the pattern needs to repeat continuously without anyone noticing the start and end of the pattern. I think this approach on the sock makes it more interesting because whether you’re wearing it with pants or shorts, you’ll always have a great crop of the pattern. The difficult part of having this approach is that the sock designs are translated into very limited software which crops off sections and only allow 7 colours on one line.


Read the rest of the interview here and shop the range here.








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