Fastest Film Ever Made



Starting yesterday, three Jozi-based production houses – Team Best, Localala and Ghost Sheep – are attempting to break the record for the fastest film ever made. Their plan is to beat the current fastest feature film record made in Kolkata, India which stands at 11 days, 23 hours and 45 minutes from script writing to screening.


If all goes to plan a brand new all-South African feature film will be premiered at The Bioscope in Maboneng in approximately 9 days time.


The project is currently untitled, and began with no concept, no characters, story-arcs or a solitary page of dialogue due to the restrictions of the record. There aren’t thousands of crew members, there isn’t catering. They do, however, have gear, lights, cameras, lenses, a passionate crew working for nothing and commitments from some of the biggest local names in stage and screen.


Co-producers Bryan van Niekerk and Asher Stoltz say, “With all of this at our disposal, the team’s mission is to not only to break the world record, but also to make an awesome film. Come May 11th, we are going to present a minimum of 75-minutes of gripping blockbuster. If we’re shooting in a public location, join us on set and you’ll almost definitely be an extra. Give us your love, your ideas and see us battle through eleven days of little to no sleep, split-second creative decision making and no catering. Hint, hint.”


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  1. Sandra Mhlongo

    This sounds so legit! All the best *thumbs up*. I would love to assist in the crew if anyone needs any help. Directing, producing, sound design and/or music composition assist.