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Out of Office I Voodoo Lily Café

Voodoo Lily Café


Voodoo Lily Café in Birdhaven is a best-kept-secret place to work from. Although it’s popular with the lunch crowd who don’t seem to ever work, if you get a table in a corner you’re guaranteed no distractions, free and fast Internet access and the chance to get a lot of work done in a very pleasant setting.


The full glass front allows the space to be beautifully lit with natural light. This makes it a great spot to work from when the weather’s nice, because if you sit in the window, you don’t feel like you’re missing out on the day.


The menu at Voodoo Lily is seasonal, and prepared fresh from locally sourced and organic produce. This does mean that it’s slightly on the pricey side. Freshly baked bread is also for sale, as well as other tasty treats, and their carrot cake is a must-try!



Voodoo Lily opens at 7:15am and closes at 10pm daily.

Visit them on the corner of Wrenrose and St Andrews ave. Birdhaven, or online here.



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