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The group exhibition, Tom Waits for No Man, opens this Wednesday at the University of Johannesburg. It is curated by senior lecturer in the Visual Art Department at UJ and renowned artist, Gordon Froud.


On the figure in the title of the show, Fround says:

American singer, songwriter, composer and actor, Thomas Alan Waits (1949 – ), has been a major inspiration to artists, musicians, poets, writers and thinkers for almost 40 years. He is considered as one of the godfathers of grunge and poetic rock and is a master of contemporary narrative – able to weave emotion and intrigue into his stories of urban grit and rural abandonment. His sometimes jaundiced view of the underbelly of society serves as a rich source of visual imagery.


The show comprises around 90 works by different participating artists who were each invited to respond to a song, lyric, or section of lyrics of their choice by the legendary singer/song-writer.


Each work on the show is based on a roughly LP sized circular format (30cm in diameter). This was the only constraint, with medium and subject left open to the artist’s choice.


This exhibition launched at the ABSA KKNK in April this year, and follows on from the  2011 Leonard Cohen Altarpiece exhibition called Altered Pieces. 


Helena Hugo

Helena Hugo

Steven Bosch

Steven Bosch


Opening Details:


Date: Wednesday 8 May 2013  (runs until 29 May)

Time: 6:30 pm

Place: University of Johannesburg Art Gallery, Crn Kingsway and University Rd, Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

Lecture and Walkabout by Artist: Saturday 11 May at 10:30 am & Wednesday 22 May at 10:30 am

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