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Featured: Andrew Gregory



Andrew Gregory is a 3rd year Cinematography and Scriptwriting student at AFDA who calls filmmaking his biggest passion. However it’s photography that he labels an obsession, intertwined with a compulsive need to be creating. All in all his love lies in images whether moving or still. He says, “I want the eye to see something and then try to understand what that eye is seeing.”


Andrew let us know about his process, “My work is all the product of depression and anxiety. If I see something that my mind takes interest in, I will shoot it. I picked up my first camera in 2007 and since then I must emphasize a very slow progression started with my passion and interest in capturing a still image. Every day I grow as a photographer and my interests change from minute to minute. AFDA has been a huge influence on me as a creative, because of the people that I have had the privilege of interacting with.”


Andrew shoots with a range of cameras – a Nikon EM, Pentax K100D, Pentax SV and Canon 600D – and is fluid in genre and his choice between B&W or colour, digital or film. He says, “It’s all up to my mind in the moment…the unexpectedness of it all.” He has an undying love for 35mm film and the image it produces.


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