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Featured: Rooiwolf



Rooiwolf, otherwise known as Juan Voges, is a photographer based in Woodstock, Cape Town. Initially studying electrical engineering at CPUT, it was in 2003 that he bought his first camera to revisit an old school hobby.


Having always been fascinated with the camera and light, Rooiwolf began shooting portraits of friends and landscapes while travelling. During this process he discovered his love for portraiture. He says, “People’s faces and their expressions can be quite interesting and very humorous.” Through his photographs Rooiwolf is interested in presenting beauty, nature, humour and the deeper aspects of being human. He is inspired by these things as well as the dream state.


The majority of Rooiwolf’s work is produced on film and he chooses certain film types for particular effects and moods. He also challenges himself by writing stories to photograph.


Currently he’s working on a series of hand printed black and white portraits for a solo exhibition, and working on abstract images involving patterns, textures and shapes in between.


Rooiwolf has worked with and assisted photographers such as Adriaan Oosthuizen, Natasja Fourie and Catherine Sassoon to name a few, and has done collaborations with Barend de Wet, Love and Hate studio, Gimberg Nerf, Jan Albino and We.are.visual.


About the photograph of the billboard, he says, “The billboard was created by a group called We.are.visual from Hamburg that created a bit of havoc in Cape Town and I was allowed to follow them and document their work.”


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