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Featured: Falcon Comics

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Luis Tolosana, the founder of Falcon Comics, has been illustrating since he first got hold of a crayon and has been hooked on comics since his very first encounter. When you describe reading a good comic as Luis does – like bathing in milk on a tropical island while honey is poured on your head by an Alien goddess – what else could you do but start your own comics company?


Luis first started experimenting with publishing his own comics and mini-zines in high school through his first company, Ghoti Comics. A 2 year animation course at City Varsity naturally came next after which he landed a job at Strika Entertainment. Here he was tasked with illustrating corporate comics but couldn’t shake the dissatisfaction with putting client before content. He realised that his dream to make comics in their true nature meant he’d have to start his own company.


After almost a decade of hard work later, the chance came to start Falcon Comics.


Philo’s Wish, a silent comic told with pictograms, was Luis’ first publication under the Falcon wing and attracted some great reviews from the local industry. The company also stretches beyond comics associating with musical collective Uppercut to host hip-hop events in Cape Town.


The latest offering from Falcon Comics is a free online football comic called The Galactic League. The comic is set in the year 2150 when intelligent life has been found all over the galaxy and football has become the most played sport in the universe. It’s up to Axe aka Iron Boot, a rising star from Africa, to help team Earth win The Galactic League cup.


The comic relies on interaction over social media to be revealed bit by bit. For the first page of the story to be unlocked, The Galactic League Facebook page must reach a 100 likes. Various tasks, challenges and goals will be set to gradually unlock the rest.


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