The Exchange | Organ Donor Foundation’s Cashless Fashion Boutique

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The Exchange is a cashless fashion boutique that opened at Cavendish Square in Cape Town today. The campaign is by NATIVE for the Organ Donor Foundation to encourage people to register as organ donors.


The team collaborated with 25 of South Africa’s top designers who donated clothing and accessories for the store, some of which can be seen in the posters below. The idea is that nothing can be bought with cash or credit cards, only by signing up to become an organ donor.


The concept for The Exchange was conceived by Ryan McManus, Executive Creative Director at NATIVE. He says, “Fashion has typically been synonymous with consumerism. We were looking for a way in which we could change the currency of meaningless consumerism and shift it to the currency of life by purchasing fashion with organ donor registration.”


Samantha Volschenk, Executive Director of the Organ Donor Foundation SA says, “It’s not often that we come across such a compelling piece of work that will undoubtedly make such a big impact on our organisation. Each donor registration can hopefully save seven lives and with over 500 items in the boutique, we hope to reach a target of over 3500 possible lives saved. This will be an incredible result for us.”


The pop-up boutique opened today and will stay open until all the items have been exchanged.




Ryan McManus and the NATIVE team, with special thanks to Simone Redelinghuys, Ben Wagner, Adam Whitehouse, Katherine Price, Justin Polkey, Arno Kruger, Laurence Bishop, Simon Moolman, Ernst Lass, Stefan Hurter, Mari Basson, Nicolas Rix, Vincent Bollaert, Jamy Golden, Jethro Flanagan and Barend Potgieter.


Find out more or register as an organ donor by visiting


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  1. Hey Dylan. Yes it’s an extension of the red rail initiative. We decided to evolve the concept into a consumer retail space, and on a bigger scale. So we joined up with the SA Organ Donor Foundation and worked hard to create a real store at Cavendish Square, that can hopefully save lives. Come down and have a look!

  2. Wow I love this idea always wanted to be a organ donor, but is the men’s clothes too.

  3. Hi Jacques, stoked you like the idea. Our range of clothes includes menswear and we’ve got everything from bow-ties to shoes, so pop in during the week. (hint: we have some RVCA items coming later on in the week).

  4. Very cool idea, but this being the ad industry and everyone being a skeptic is it done for awards?

    If it is, surely it should be bombed on based on “it’s been done”. Exact same idea from 3 years ago just for a different charity and with a different agency, (plus blood is a better fit).

    It’s still very cool though, but I am just slightly suspicious of the agency motivation behind the work.

  5. how do the people in johannesburg get involved

  6. Hi daniella, this event for now is Cape Town based only, unfortunately.

    A lot of people have been asking to bring it to other cities too, good idea! 🙂

  7. Brilliant idea WELL DONE. I hope it is a HUGE success

  8. I find it difficult to put a price on my organs. I understand the concept of incentivising for a cause, but I’d rather not exchange being an organ donor for an item of clothing. Selling your organs is illegal and I feel like this is close to doing that – Tantalising people with beautiful fashion feels like manipulation veiled as a doing good. I think it’s a daring idea, I just don’t know if I would get involved, because basically, I’d rather become an organ donor on my own accord than suddenly becoming tantalised at the thought of it because I can get free fashion out of it.

  9. I would like to be involved in setting one up in Johannesburg. Please mail me.


    WOW! I would love to sign up – do I need to come in or is there paperwork you can send me?

  11. Great idea! I’ve been an organ donor since ’97 & on bone marrow registry for few years. – Any chance of getting some killer heels 🙂 – best of luck on a great initiative.

  12. Thank you… thank you…. thank you again! I REALLY want to thank the person/people who took there influence,contacts and efforts to have a shop like this established. SA is not educated enough about organ transplant and therefore resulting in fear of the unknown! I pray that you are all blessed for all you have done and all you are to do. Please email me should you need any more help.

    Keep up the GREAT work :-)))))

    xoxo.. Kristin Simpson

  13. Where exactly is this shop and is it still going on. We are in the Cape till the weekend.
    Thanks Jolien 0833823333

  14. If you already registered before this campaign can you still visit the store or is it only for new donors?