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Pauline Irvine is the designer behind the intricate and bespoke range of laser-cut stationery and paper products, ArtyMiss. The name being a play on the name of the Greek Goddess, Artemis. Pauline says, “In Greek mythology, Artemis was the Hellenic goddess of the wilderness, hunting and fertility. Her reference to femininity is descriptive of my delicate design style and her connection to the wilderness is reflected in the nature content of my work. Always depicted to be carrying a bow and arrow, the blade Artemis carries represents the laser cutting technique.”


Pauline studied Graphic Design at Stellenbosch University and worked in a various areas of design – magazine layout, corporate identities, brochures – before realising her dream of producing her own stationery range. She says, “Since I was young I have always loved making things with paper. My interest in paper cutting developed later, when I studied graphic design. We were encouraged to experiment with all sorts of artistic techniques, and it was then that I became really interested in using paper cutting as a form of illustration.”


ArtyMiss was officially launched in March 2012 at the Design Indaba.


Pauline keeps herself inspired by constantly trying new ways to work with paper and new methods to make her cards more 3D. Many mock-ups are made during the design phase to experiment with how the designs work best and to play with the effects of light and shadow. The amazing shadows that the cutouts create have inspired Pauline to consider making mobiles and lights in the future. She is also looking at making larger scale limited edition décor pieces.


A love of travel keeps the ArtyMiss designs fresh, taking cues from the intricacy of Indian jewellery and the organic beauty of Alphonse Mucha’s Art Nouveau paintings. However, it’s the designs with local content that Pauline finds most popular so she makes sure to draw from local imagery too.


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