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HC Hack-A-Thon | The Results



Hellocomputer and Draftfcb’s second annual Hack-A-Thon took place last week with the theme: Hack For Kids. A total of 6 teams (4 in Joburg and 2 in Cape Town) had just 48-hours to conceptualise and build a working prototype.


The briefing took place on 9 May at 18h00. Teams then battled it out to completion for the judging at 18h00 on Saturday, 11 May. The creations were judged by Danette Breitenbach (Advantage), Fran Luckin (Ogilvy), Brent Singer (Network), Brett Morris (Draftfcb), Theo Ferreira (Aqua) and 6-year old twin boys.


This year’s Hack-A-Thon saw the creation of:


An automated educational pancake-making assistant


Created by Team Thingking (Cape Town), this project helped kids make pancakes easily by running a mixing bowl underneath different stages of ingredients and mixing processes until completion on the frying pan.


A miniature DIY iPhone projector package


Team Last Min (Joburg) created a crafty, quick and easy DIY way to build an iPhone Projector inside a box. Kids could also assemble one themselves if they were willing.


A Wii remote-controlled Oreo catapult


This project was created by team Fear and Loathing in HackVegas (Cape Town). As simple as the name suggests, a mechanical catapult operated by a Wii remote was used to launch and dunk Oreos into a glass of milk.


A live online interactive puppet show


Created by team Boris The Animal Show (Joburg), this interactive puppet show was controlled through audience interaction on a blog that ran live, parallel to the show. The puppets asked the children questions that would sway the story in different directions.


The Grand Prize Winners: Team Ah Yeah’s (Joburg) entirely hacked kid’s bedroom, Daddy I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed.


The winning idea was simple; the door of the room closed a circuit as parents left, turning the entire room into a gaming console. The bed, pillows and even Ben Ten posters were rigged to become the game’s controllers. Sensors allowed kids to jump on the bed while being mirrored by their imaginary friend, pilot a rocket-propelled dinosaur through space as well as play a multiplayer pillow fight and – via a score counter – see who won. If the door was opened at any stage during play the circuit was broken and the game was hidden from any meddling parents’ eyes.


The Kids’ Choice Award Winners: Team A Tribe Called Quest’s (Joburg) Scaletrix race, powered by eating your veggies.


This project incentivised children to eat their veggies; the faster the players of the game ate, the faster their car moved on the track. For each lap completed either player was automatically rewarded with a gumball.


Pretty awesome stuff, we can’t wait to see what’s produced at the next one. Congrats to the winners! 


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