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Inside Instant Grass’s JHB Office

Instant Grass JHB Office


Angie Batis – Art Director, Lucky Pony blogger and co-owner of Wolves and The Good Luck Club in Joburg – teamed up with Nicholas Christowitz – freelance designer and co-founder of Says Who – to design the Instant Grass Joburg office.


Instant Grass is a consumer collaboration agency whose core Joburg team is 6 people but who works with networks of consumers, meaning their office needs to be able to accomodate as many as 30 people on certain days. As a solution the duo had hexagon stools made that together work as a honeycomb-patterned coffee table but provide temporary seating if taken apart.


Angie and Nic worked on a tight budget to design, source and commission a 14 seater table, a bicycle chandelier, a bookshelf wall made from crates filled with interesting objects and books and a street art mural of the Instant Grass JHB team. They also created a street-facing mural with pyramid lights and the words “Good Behaviour” which is the company’s motto.


Here are some images of the final product. For more visit or



Instant Grass JHB office

Nicholas Christowitz

Instant Grass

Hexagon stool coffee table

Crate Bookshelf Wall


14 Seater Table

Bicycle Chandelier


Between 10 and 5