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Featured: Jessica Vines

Jessica Vines


Jessica Vines is a creative director at Grid Worldwide Branding and Design in Johannesburg. Design has always been what she’s wanted to do and she started out earning a degree from the Greenside School of Design. She briefly strayed into below-the-line but soon headed back. She says, “Design has always been about simplicity and communication for me. A good strategy is so important.”


Jessica’s career has taken her from the Brand Union to Breinstorm to Grid, via Cross Colours. She makes a point to always work for people she respects and can learn from. She follows a design policy of thinking first and says, “There’s too much branding and design out there that doesn’t say anything, or make you feel anything. I want to make things that make people feel good.”


Jessica’s website offers an extensive look at the branding, packaging, publication design and illustration work she’s done throughout her career for various clients. Here’s just a taste.


Visit for more.


Like Limited Editions

Branding for Like Limited Editions.


Business cards for SLO•JO.

World Cup 2010 Stadiums

Illustrations of the 2010 World Cup stadiums

Pica Awards

AAA School of Advertising

Rebranding for the AAA School of Advertising



Just Ask. Who Was The First Snake Charmer?

Illustrations for “Just Ask. Who Was The First Snake Charmer?”

Just Ask. How Did The Tiger Earn His Stripes?

Illustrations for “Just Ask. How Did The Tiger Earn His Stripes?”


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