Ryan Matchett

Windhoek Pure Beer Society

Ryan Matchett


The fictional Pure Beer Society where the latest Windhoek TV ads are set has been reimagined in real life bars and taverns. Headed up by The Jupiter Drawing Room, the extension of the TV campaign has seen existing venues in Centurion and Mamelodi become Windhoek Pure Beer Society HQs. A further 18 are planned to launch around the country during the remainder of the year.


The concept was created when TJDR was approached to created branded merchandise and furniture for key outlets.


Three local artisans were chosen to create bespoke pieces for the venues. James Mudge, known for his clean lines and use of natural materials, created a large communal table, which features a timeline of the history of Windhoek beer and the beer tasting process engraved in the wood. Lighting expert Ryan Matchett designed a bottle pendant and vat lights using recycled Windhoek bottles, brass and copper. Jared Odell designed a chair and a small table, using green Windhoek crates as bases.


The roll-out of these venues correlates with a new brand campaign, focusing on men who are ‘Made of the Right Stuff’. The campaign tells stories of inspirational men with the first ambassador being mountaineer Sibusiso Vilane.




The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town)

Ross Chowles – Executive Creative Director

Joanne Thomas – Creative Director: Design

Andrew Lang – Creative Group Head

Alex Hayn – Designer

Gugulethu Hlekwayo – Copywriter


Inhouse Brand Architects

Aidan Hart – Creative Director

Michael Kieck – Designer

Cara Siegers – Senior Designer and Project Manager



James Mudge – James Mudge Furniture

Jared Odell – Jared Odell Furniture/Design

Ryan Matchett – Ryan Matchett Design House


Additional credits

Brand Botes – Illustrator

Simon Berndt – Illustrator

Mark Lanning – Photographer

Andrew Brauteseth – Photographer


Ryan Matchett

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Jared Odell

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