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At Portfolio Night 2013

Portfolio Night


Federico Freschi, the Executive Dean of FADA at the University of Johannesburg opened the first ever Portfolio Night event in South Africa last night. He spoke about the importance of generosity and collaboration for creativity to flourish. These were fitting words for the event, hosted by McCann Johannesburg, which brought together some 37 creative directors, the industry leaders, who put aside agency rivalry to participate for the greater good of the creative industry.




Dozens of students braved the cold and attended the event to present their work in the hopes of making their first mark on the industry. The night followed the same structure as speed dating, where each young creative got the chance to present their portfolio to a different creative director in each of the three 15 minute rounds.







The evening was fast-paced and the space buzzed with energy and excitement. Students got to network with each other too, comparing portfolios as well as their hopes and aspirations for their future in advertising.





The fact that the night was so well attended by the students and supported by the creative directors is testament to the importance of the event, that being to create a bridge between college and industry. Portfolio Night proved itself an exciting welcome addition to the creative calendar, which promises to have a real impact on the industry.




Find more photos from the event in our Facebook album, and if you spot yourself or someone you know, feel free to tag them!


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