Wesley van Eeden launches Resoborg



Durban-based freelance illustrator Wesley van Eeden’s brand new website officially launched today at


Having over 8 years experience in the creative industry, Wesley’s portfolio spans a vast array of work ranging from murals like at the MyCiTi bus stop in Gardens to illustrative work for corporate clients like Nedbank, to art exhibitions.


Today is also the final day that Wesley’s most recent exhibition, with Paul Senyol, will be up at /A WORD OF ART in Cape Town. If you missed it you can get a 3D interactive view of the work over here. The show has had a terrific response with 90% percent of Wesley’s work being sold.


Resoborg, the name of Wesley’s new site is a made up one. He let us know how the interesting name came about:


I attended an artist residency back in 2011 in the district of Raseborg, Finland. This experience had a profound effect on my way of thinking and creating. Finland is literally polar opposite to South Africa, both culturally and geographically. It’s a resourceful country, is clean as well as separated from the rest of Europe. In order for a unique name that Google would pick up, the created name of Resoborg came about from this cultural experience.


Resoborg is a metaphor for a perfect piece of artwork; safe, clean but far out and unexpected, much like Raseborg. ‘Reso’ stands for resource and ‘borg’ is the Swedish word for castle. Therefore, Resoborg is a ‘resource castle’ inspired by Scandinavian and South African design principles.


Wesley says that as a studio Resoborg’s focus will be on supplying illustration and graphic solutions to agencies and clients around South Africa as well as the globe. It will also be a place for his personal exhibition work that helps develop the commerical client-driven work that he does.


We first featured Wesley’s work under the moniker Hope Project. An idea he started back in 2005 as a way for him to create art with a message and only work for companies that are beneficial to the planet and its people in some way. He assures that Resoborg won’t be the end of Hope Project but his time will be split between doing client work and working on paintings for exhibitions. As Resoborg, the idea is to still create work that is hopeful and positive but is also about promoting growth in individuals and the community.


Here is a selection of Wesley’s work. First up is some of a series of over 30 illustrations commissioned by Postboxx for this animated McCarthy ad.


For more visit Resoborg at, on Facebook or on Twitter.


Wesley van Eeden


Wesley van Eeden

Work completed during his residency in Finland.


Hardt Boys mural

 A mural for one of the creative departments at The Hardy Boys.



A mural for RVCA in Jeffery’s Bay in collaboration with Paul Senyol.


Wesley van Eeden

Wesley’s MyCiTi Bus mural.



One of Wesley’s favourite projects to date commissioned by Draftfcb. Graphics for Isolezwe’s delivery vehicles.


Wesley van Eeden

Nedbank illustrations.


Wesley van Eeden | Transformative

The very last piece still available from Wesley’s show at /A WORD OF ART. Contact if you want to make it yours.


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