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Featured: Julia Merrett



Based in Cape Town, Julia Merrett works as a full time, freelance photographer shooting mainly portraiture, journalism, documentary and unusual landscapes. The themes she considers in her personal photography are listed as youth, perceptions of beauty, nostalgia, stories, frailty, things that have stopped moving but continue to grow, things that keep moving but cease to live, impermanence, loss and the human spirit.


Julia studied photography in 2002 under the tutelage of Jenny Altshuler, Guy Tillim, George Hallet, Julia Tiffin, Garth Stead and others, and then went on to assist Mikhael Subotzky. Lead by her interest in social and environmental issues she has also spent time working with male juvenile prisoners using creative mediums as a form of rehabilitation.


Her portraiture work includes a number of ongoing photo series – Brothers, Pregnant Women, Couples – which she hopes to continue adding to throughout her career.


All of the work featured on Julia’s website is shot on a medium format film camera. She says, “As a full time professional photographer, I like the way it balances out the fast pace and “shoot in bulk” nature of digital photography, which makes up most of my commercial work. It takes time to set up and you have a limited number of shots, the light has to be right and the exposure perfect. This, for me, is the perfect setting in which to shoot a portrait. I also mainly shoot people or even scenes that I have seen many times already… so I have chosen the image somewhat before capturing it. I find that this approach leaves more room for magic in the moment.”


Find more at, on Tumblr and on Facebook.


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