Penception by Carson Smuts

Penception Drawing App by Carson Smuts

Penception by Carson Smuts


Carson Smuts is a South African designer and architect living between New York, Boston and Cape Town. Penception is a new, playful drawing app and a solo project of his.


Carson developed the app – code, graphics and all – with the intention of creating a platform to flex his coding skills when it comes to procedural/algorithmic drawing. While Penception has all the usual features of a sketch app, it takes a new approach to digital sketching by making use of procedural algorithms that interpolate between the user’s brush strokes, creating interesting line drawings.


Carson’s architecture, industrial design and software agency Studio Nu runs digital architecture design workshops at Columbia GSAPP and Montana State University. The technical inspiration for the app came from a course taught by Carson titled Sketching Data: Taking the line for a walk. 


Penception is intended to be a creative drawing app to produce artistic sketches. In addition to the procedural tools, several brushes and the usual Erase, Size, Opacity and Color selection functions are available. Social media sharing as well as email allows drawings to be shared quickly and efficiently.


There are now two versions of the app available:


Penception (free): This version allows people to download the app for free and to try out the different styles. It also comes with some basic free pens. In addition it has InApp purchases that allow people to buy only the pens they want.


Penception Pro: This is a paid version that contains all the pens for one price. Users will always have access to the latest pens at no extra charge.


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