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Si Maclennan website

Update: Si Maclennan

Si Maclennan website


Si Maclennan is an independent art director, illustrator, and graphic designer living and working in Cape Town. He has marked just over a year of successful fulltime freelancing with a redesign of his portfolio site.


Since going independent, Si has been hard at work building his client base both locally and abroad, and has recently signed with a brand new South African illustration representation agency. His updated website features a streamlined selection of his best projects, old and new. He says, “I wanted to make this revision a bit more client-friendly. The focus is on the work, but I wanted to bring across a bit of personality, too.”


Having worked in the advertising industry, with international brands and with publications, Si has experience producing for both print and digital media. His work is continuously evolving into new directions and experimental spaces.


Some new projects include illustrations for Santam, a brand new FieldCandy tent, and a couple of educational infographics published with a public license so that anyone can download and reproduce them.


Have a look at Si’s new portfolio space at Here’s some of what you’ll find:


KO Kid T-shirt design


A t-shirt design for rapper K.O. Kid, and producer Ladro from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Si Maclennan


Two self-initiated posters relating two contrasting themes, both released under the Attribution, Non-Commercial Creative Commons License. The first poster examines the microscopic environment of a single animal cell and the second relates this theme to the orbits of satellites around the earth.


Si Maclennan

FIeld Candy


FieldCandy collaborated with Company Magazine UK to create a unique concept tent based around current trends in textiles and fashion. Si was asked to realise the concept by producing this intricate, colourful, limited edition design.


Si Maclennan


The illustrations above and below are both part of a series of personal arwtorks exploring the theme of heroes and villains in modern film and television.


Breaking Bad



Art direction, icons and infographics for a website celebrating the rich history of world-renowned insurer, Santam. An interactive digital experience takes visitors on an animated journey through the World Of Santam – educating and entertaining users with bright and rich graphics.

Agency: Punk / King James
Creative Director: Matt Ross



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