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The Dollfins

Update: Anja Venter

The Dollfins


The insanely talented Anja Venter has, much to our delight, updated her website with new work completed over the first half of 2013. Her recent projects range from band posters and album artwork in her distinctive style to samples from her sketch books and work for clients like Nedbank and MK.


Anja’s freelance art direction, design and illustration is all done part-time while she pursues her PhD in ICT4D (Information and Communication technologies for development) fully funded by The Nokia Research Center. Her thesis revolves around archiving systems and visual communication in resource-constrained areas with a focus on developing an app for low-income kids who are interested in pursuing a career in design.


Previously Anja has assisted in Research for The University of Washington’s Global Impact Study and the South Africa-Netherlands Research Programme on Alternatives in Development; has contributed to the front end design and conceptualisation of a Microsoft Nokia/UCT app which is aimed at educating midwives in Sierra Leone; and has played mobile and computer games with kids from Langa, Khayelitsha, Delft and Ocean View in the quest to make better games with meaningful interactions.


Pretty impressive stuff. For more visit


These are some of Anja’s latest with descriptions in her own words:


The Dollfins


The Dollfins are one of the most prolific bands around basically spitting out hits as they sneeze. Every now and again the get together in their den and record some stuff with Andy, Mak, Xan, kitchen utensils and a case of lager. This is one of those products – a punk anthem about crack called “There She Goes” and a cover of the Cramps hit “Strychnine” (which I prefer to the original). Get it here


Beach Party


I was tasked with making an album cover for one of my favourite bands/general favourite humans on this planet.  The album title “For now we are young” lended itself to a kind of post-apocalyptic scenario where something could happen at any moment, in my head anyways. So I tried to create this anticipation in the illustration. Maybe a bunch of nuclear bombs are on the horizon or a massive alien spacecraft is approaching, in contrast with the devil may care attitude of the Beach Party crew, dangling feet over the pool, slurping on some brewskies, like whatever.




I did this poster for aKING in a quick sitting, but ended up really liking it. The bar is vietnamese so the band was looking for something tongue in cheek, hence the awkward drunken karaoke with Laudo and ominous rice wine pickled scorpions.


Anja Venter


Some scans from my sketch books that I digitally reworked.


Nanna Venter

Nanna Venter


Every now and again I produce an Ink Canvass for commission or as gifts for friends. I draw these with Indian Ink, brush pens, technical pens and various sized brushes on white canvass.


Anja Venter for MK


MK Merch is a collaboration between myself, MK, Elma Smit and Yiorgos Spanoudis of the Greek Merchant. A range of designs inspired by music, African and Afrikaans influences on custom made garments for the MK market.


Ask Kim


Kazazoom develops apps for the Mxit platform, and their advice questionnaire “Ask Kim” had been doing exceptionally well. I was tasked with creating an infographic based on specifications from the client that could be used for promotional and presentation purposes.




Illustrations for Nedbank. Agency: HKLM


Between 10 and 5