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Yeah, New York by Gareth Pearson


After a quick work trip to Boston at the end of April, Gareth Pearson decided to sneak in a few extra days to visit NYC. While exploring spring in the city, he filmed what was going on around him to make this video. Titled Yeah, New York, Gareth’s film has reached over 20 000 unanticipated views.


He let us know more about the making of it, “I’m really interested in the public life of cities, and there’s plenty of it in New York. I figured I’d shoot some clips here and there while I wandered around the city, with the intention of throwing a little video together for fun, but with no real idea of how it would turn out besides wanting to slow it down. The funny thing is that I didn’t know I had that opening shot of the girl with the umbrella until I went through the clips. It was pure luck that she appeared in the frame. It really was just a fun video to make.”


After such great results and with trips to Berlin and Paris planned for June, Gareth may extend the idea to include these cities too. He’s also starting to think about short film concepts closer to home.


Besides making impromptu short films in big cities, Gareth works for a company called ArtScience Labs and organises First Thursdays, Cape Town. He’s also currently working with a great team on a soon to be launched membership based co-working community in Cape Town’s East city.


We’ll let you know more about that as soon as we do. For now, enjoy Yeah, New York!


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