Allan Gray | You Wait Because It’s Worth It



KingJames created this series of moving billboards for Allan Gray that appeared at major intersections in Johannesburg. While the tagline, “You Wait Because It’s Worth It”, remained static, the visuals behind were short clips of footage showing fans waiting to catch a glimpse of The Beatles to a soldier dad returning home. Being silent, the clips used had to speak volumes.




Art Director: Karin Barry McCormack
Copywriter: Paige Nick
Executive Creative Director: Alistair King
Production House: Deliverance







  1. And why the fuck didn’t they include the most important one. The day in 1994 where all south Africans were able to vote. They failed for not flighting that one. Sorry, it was a great campaign until i found out that last one was not part of it.

  2. Yeah not using the 1994 voting one is a fail… But hey we arent the client.

    Love the little girl in the classroom. Makes we wanna *sob*

  3. Allan the Gray

    Im not sure waiting for your soldier dad or buried husband can be compared to waiting for a band to come on stage at a concert or to get a new apple product. Like not even a little bit. The last two ruined it for me personally.

  4. “iStore” one was such a waste. As others mentioned, the 1994 voting would have been great.

  5. iStore – FAIL

  6. 1994
    Mandela’s release

  7. Waiting on the Grand Parade in Cape Town for Madiba to address South Africans for the first time

  8. Mandela voting for the first time