Loom Parkhurst

Loom x iKineo | Integrated Campaign


iKineo recently completed an exciting integrated campaign for local menswear store Loom. The first element of the campaign was 3 interactive window displays at their men’s multi-brand fashion shop in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. Customers can interact with the products displayed in the windows using their NFC-enabled smartphones. By simply scanning over a specific area on the window, passers-by can play with the products and make purchases through a mobile site that mirrors and introduces the new Loom online store.


Window 1 houses a pair of adidas Originals Torsion Allegra trainers, which you can rotate using your smartphone. A black Fred Perry nylon cycling jacket is displayed in Window 2. Little fans are positioned beneath the jacket making it move if you increase or decrease the fan speed. Window 3 displays the Berlin Boombox (a docking station for iPhones, BlackBerrys and MP3 players). With a smartphone, you’re able to control which song is played.


iKineo explained how it works, “For the windows, each product box was wired up to a Raspberry PI, running a NodeJS server and connected to the internet. Utilising NFC tags for supported smartphones or QR codes as a fallback, users could directly control each product box, activating electronics that had been rigged up through the use of the PI’s GPIO as well as the addition of Arduino controlled components.


The electronics included a stepper motor, computer fans and LED matrices. Once engaged, the press of a button on the mobile site we developed would bring the electronics in each respective box to life. From the mobile site, users could directly navigate to the e-commerce solution, where they could purchase the product directly.”


Interactive Window Displays:


Loom Parkhurst

Loom Parkhurst

Loom Parkhurst



LOOM-O-VISION – RFID technology woven into selected product tags – was introduced inside the store. The technology detects when a product has been picked up and displays a realtime mix of social, custom and curated brand content and designed experiences.







Continuing the immersive retail experience, the team re-thought the largely disregarded till slip. “We wanted customers to leave the Loom store with something more than just their purchase. Inspired by BERG’s Little Printer, we explored the value of till slips and sought to encourage consumer engagement by providing functional and fun content through an existing and familiar shopping item. Rather than something that is easily discarded, we transformed the till slip into a useful, exciting and realtime artefact of a shopping experience.”


Loom-Locker Till Slip:






The integrated campaign reaches as far as a newly created set of packaging for Loom Online purchases. Each size – designed for accessories, footwear and soft goods – features a different pattern, screen-printed on the inside of the lid and inspired by the fine tailoring and different fabrics of the products stocked by Loom.









Loom also commissioned a selection of designers and illustrators to celebrate the opening of their new online store and Cape Town store with a poster series. The first poster offers a comment on the store’s rather discerning, eccentric client base, the second announces Loom’s e-commerce platform by evoking the internet experience, the third is an experimental typographic portrait challenging ideas of menswear, and the final poster pays homage to the store’s namesake and roots in fabric, dye and weave.




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Creative director: Michael Zylstra
Technical director: Rigard Kruger
Developers: Jennifer Cohen, Warren Hall
Art director: Michael Tymbios
Copywriter: Gemma Cowan
Designers: Michael Tymbios, Simon Nicholson, Emma Cook, Daniel Ting Chong, Adam Hill
Studio Producers: Mignonne Saaiman, Zonica Strydom
Production Company: The Institute of Amazing Shit
Director: Duvan Durand
Editor: Duvan Durand
Design, Fabrication and Installation: The Michael Elion Company




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