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Back To Core | Jbay Winter Fest Video


Filmmakers Dave Meinert and Wayne de Lange recently released this unique footage featuring professional surfer Tanika Hoffman, shot entirely with a GoPro Hero 3 on a custom built 360 degree spinning rig. The team pushed the boundaries of what can be created on a consumer camera by using the modified rig that constantly spins around Tanika as she surfs, skates, cycles and runs in preparation for the upcoming multi-disciplinary sporting festival, Jbay Winter Fest.


The video follows Dave’s previous innovative GoPro project, the world’s first music video shot by a dog, and utilises Wayne’s expertise as a director/DP specialising in water and action footage. They said, “We wanted to create a piece that people would watch and feel they could create themselves, while still making the quality incredible. It took us 5 days of filming only at critical times of the day and we used a rig that we modified over several weeks, but essentially anyone could have still shot that same concept.


Being just the three of us in the water, in the mountains etc alone, we could focus on getting the shot and not get bogged down with all the frills. Cameras like this allow the shooting of commercials and content to focus on telling the story. The bonus of being able to create something much more affordably and spontaneously will hopefully translate to clients and agencies giving filmmakers more opportunities to experiment because the risk is minimised.”


The Jbay Winter Fest is happening in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa from the 6th to the 14th of July 2013.

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Take a look at some behind-the-scenes shots:


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