Double Helix by Sean Metelerkamp


A new short-short film by Cape Town based filmmaker-slash-photographer Sean Metelerkamp. He has used the dictionary definition of the title Double Helix as a description for the piece: A pair of parallel helices intertwined about a common axis, esp. that in the structure of the DNA molecule.


Decipher that as you will.




Written and Directed by Sean Metelerkamp
Featuring Dave Meinert (husband) and Samantha Laura Kaye (wife)
Producer – Trish Wylie
DOP – Grant Appleton
Editor – Sean Metelerkamp
VFX – Grant Birch
Gaffer – Clint Howes
Sound – Simon Kohler and Stuart Ziegler
Art Director – Simon Mcloughlin
Art assistant – James Mudzingwa
Fabrication – Lila Bothma
SFX Technician – Steve Fry and Anthony Lennox
Greens – Spook
Greens assistant – Tension
Costume Stylist – Danielle Knox
Costume standby – Kelly Watson
Production & Location Support – Jermaine Davids
Support on set – Wikus de Wet & Kirsti Cumming
ECO – Robin Daniels


Between 10 and 5