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Introducing: & Anonymous


New ideas company & Anonymous launched with this conceptual, collaborative short film, Tri-Circ-Circ. As well as being a showcase of their style and tone, it serves as an example of their unique business model. The core & Anonymous team is Brad Reilly, Joy Turnbull and Darren Cronje but when answering a brief they have a team of 25+ collaborators (agencies, production companies and individuals) to call upon. The & Anonymous contributors specialise in a wide variety of creative fields, from strategy, digital media, social media and blogging to production, film, music, graphic design, spatial design and events. For each project, a team is built from these partners and led by & Anonymous. The model allows us them to execute across all of these touch points at a world-class standard.


For Tri-Circ-Circ, & Anonymous worked together with their regular collaborators and each balaclava featured was designed by a different artist, designer, musician, film director or mother-in-law. The balaclavas also feature in a series of portraits produced with photographer Sacha Waldman, also the co-director of the short film. The majority of the material was shot near Ficksburg in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains and the surrounding farms.


In the lead up to the screening of the film on the 11th of June, the team released a short balaclava-clad (of course) teaser video and a Tri-Circ-Circ music mix by Felix Laband that subtly incorporated sonic elements of the film.


Here is the full list of film collaborators:


Sacha Waldman & Markus Wormstorm & Rob Wilson & Devin Toselli & Bryony Webster & Candice Moore & Left Post Production & Pollen Creative Media & Freq’ncy Audio & Sylvaine Strike & Tom Fairfoot & Cult Collective & Jana Hamman & Koos Groenewald & Ben Crossman & Veronika & Niall Bingham & MJ Turpin & Angie Batis Durrant & Jo Morrison & Your Girlfriend & Jessica Webster & Nicholas Christowitz & Ria du Plessis & Rolanda Marias & Kyla-Rose Smith & Simion Fabricius.


Sacha Waldman, Jo Morrison, MJ Turpin sacha Waldman, MJ Turpin, Veronika Sacha Waldman, Your Girlfriend, Ben Crossman Sacha Waldman, Jana Hamman Sacha Waldman, Koos Groenewald Sacha Waldman, Nicholas Christowitz Sacha Waldman, Ria Du Plessis Sacha Waldman, Cult Collective Sacha Waldman, Angie Batis Durrant Sacha Waldman, Tijana Gavric Sacha Waldman, Tijana Gavric


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