Phil The Legend



This is possibly the weirdest campaign we’ve seen all year, but it sure beats the awkward, after 10pm Etv ads in its category. Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town created this entire campaign to launch PharmaDynamics’ new affordable erectile dysfunction medication, Dynafil, without one mention of the product’s name. Instead they introduced the vaguely Bob Saget-looking Phil (The Legend) who has discovered how to get his confidence back, and then some.


Phil is an average guy with a self-proclaimed ‘really potent sexual allure’ who thinks women can’t resist him and who serves as an example of the (over) confidence men can enjoy again by using Dynafil. The campaign spans online videos and Phil’s suitably comic sans/GIF-emblazoned website where he provides a little taste of what it’s like to be him, and tips like how to say, “I’m sorry. I’m married.” in foreign languages. You can also download a mask of his face and a 2014 ‘glamour’ calendar, obviously. The website inconspicuously links to the product’s page on the PharmaDynamics site.


The campaign design is credited to Studio Muti, the production to Velocity and the digital development to AtPlay.


Discover Phil The Legend for yourself at www.philthelegend.com or on his Youtube channel. 




Executive Creative Director – Gavin Whitfield
Associate Creative Directors – Mimi Cooper & Yvonne Hall
Copywriter – Mimi Cooper
Art Directors–Yvonne Hall & Karen Vermeulen
Director – Leigh Ogilvie
Producers – Candice Brouwer, Alli Coetzee, Karen Kloppers, Shannon Gloyne
Account Manager – Taryn Pascal

Production company – Velocity
Post-production – Deliverance
Editors – Lucien Barnard & Ricky Boyd
Sound – We Love Jam

Design – Studio Muti

Phil the Legend – Adam Neil

Digital Development – AtPLay
Creative Group Head – Alan Cronje
Senior Designer – Peter Janse van Rensburg
Designer – Myka Hecht-Wendt
Front-end Development – Jason Walter
Studio Manager – Robyn Silverstone
Account Director – Mkhuseli Mancotgua


Pharma Dynamics

Pharma Dynamics

Pharma Dynamics

Pharma Dynamics

Pharma Dynamics

Pharma Dynamics


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