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We’re bringing you up to speed with the goings-on at Cape Town based, always-outstanding, illustration, iconography and typography studio, Radio. The team, Byron Meiring and Gert Schoeman, have just embarked on a 4 week visit to agencies in London and New York after recently relaunching their portfolio site with exciting new work. Their most exceptional having been published in The Selected Few, a promotional book including Byron and Gert’s favourite pieces to leave at the agencies they meet with.


Since their start in 2011, Radio has had the pleasure of working with a variety of brands and clients from around the globe. They filled us in on some of their latest. The first being design for General Electric worked on with Addison in New York City. They said, “The GE monogram was a great project to work on. The brief was to have the monogram link back to GE machinery, and we pretty much had free reign to take it any way we wanted as long as the GE logo was used. The Athletes was another cool one. We where approached by Wolff Olins, also in NYC, to work with them on the rebrand of USA Today which was a huge job and a very top secret project. After all sorts of NDAs and hundreds of options from us they unfortunately decided to go in a different direction but this style was born out of that work and it was great to have worked on such an iconic brand. We hope to work up a few more of these athletes as time goes by.”


Take a look at their new site at and follow their travels on Instagram or Twitter.


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