Featured: Ben Johnson



Cape Town based graphic designer/director/photographer (etc.), Ben Johnson, has redesigned and launched his portfolio site. The new website showcases Ben’s original approach and inventive layout style in work for brands like Adriaan Kuiters, a store and Unknown Union as well as colourful and collaged fashion editorials and installations. A brilliant line of sublimation print T-shirts also makes an appearance. We’re enjoying Ben’s multi-layers and novel nod to MS Paint effects and Photoshop’s lesser-used tools in his refreshing event posters.


We’ve chosen some of our favourites to share with you. For more visit www.b-johnson.com or find him on Tumblr.


Adriaan Kuiters Identity:Adriaan Kuiters


Boycott installation for David West at Toffie Pop 2012: David West David West


Window display for a store: a store


3 of a 5 T-shirt range for Unknown Union: Unknown Union

Unknown Union

Unknown Union


Event posters for parties and art exhibitions: Bazaar Ben Johnson Heat at Manila Bar Grand Master Flash Ben Johnson Ben Johnson Evol Evol



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