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Sthomb’ Esihle Photographic Exhibition



This Sunday the Sthomb’ Esihle Photographic Exhibition opens featuring the work of five, incredible, up and coming photographers. They are Lerato Maduna, Noncedo Charmaine Gxekwa, Theodore Africa, Asanda Kaka and Sipho Mpongo.


About the exhibition:


Sthomb’ Esihle is game we used to play when we were younger akin to stuck in the mud. The leader of the game, the master, was a photographer of sorts, albeit with an imaginary camera. We’d be in the middle of the street, or in someone’s backyard, waiting for the command to freeze. Skipping around, playing, ears craning to hear those words. “One, two, three, four. Sthomb’ Esihle”. And we would stop and pose, creating a picture to suit the master’s command. “Sthomb’ esibi”, well that what an ugly picture, and would contort our faces, pulling facial gymnastics, making monsters. “Sthomb Esihle” means beautiful picture, so we would smile our biggest smiles, hands on waists, putting our best selves forward.


“Sthomb’ Esihle” is a collective effort by black photographers in South Africa to redirect and unburden the narrative of black imagery. Sthombe esihle is black photography of substance and value, and of fluff and froth. It is not meant to be anthropological. It is not to be anything but what it is.


More about the photographers:


Lerato Maduna

Lerato is a visual anthropologist from Soweto, Johannesburg. She studied at the Market Photo Workshop, and has had her work published on many platforms. One of a crop of young documentary photographers, she focuses on the similarities and the challenges South Africans face today.


Noncedo Charmaine Gxekwa

“We live in a fast-paced world that makes us forget to stop and look at what is around us. As a photographer, I have a desire to constantly take pictures. However, this is not always possible due to the nature of the equipment required. Thanks to the recent evolution of smart phones, one is now able to capture one’s surroundings.  I hope that I will inspire people to do a double-take of the diverse surroundings, and to also see how privileged residents of this city are when it comes to the natural wonders of the City.”


Theodore Africa

Photographer Theodore Africa managed to escape all the pitfalls of growing up in gang-infested Bontehuewel, all except for one. Theodore shoots people.  His passion for photography comes from wanting to document real life experiences, in a real manner.


Asanda Kaka

Asanda Kaka is a creative who mainly works with media as a platform. A photographer, writer and video editor. She has contributed her photographs and writings to a number of local and international publications namely: The Corner Magazine (Germany), Live Magazine (South Africa),  Make Shift Magazine (Canada) and world renowned blog, Africa Is A Country, to name but a few.


Sipho Mpongo

Sipho is a member of Iliso Labantu (The Eye of the People), a group of black photographers who photograph their surroundings in Langa. It is a place rich with colour and texture, but the camera cannot be fooled. It also reveals the struggles of living there, as well as the sense of family, strength and perseverance that comes from enduring hardship: sometimes alone and sometimes surrounded with love.




Date: Sunday 30 June 2013
Time: 2pm
Place: Boston Society, 55 Long Street, Cape Town
Facebook Event Page


The exhibition wil be at Boston Society (55 Long Street) for the next two weeks and after that will move to KwaMlamli in Gugulethu.


Between 10 and 5