Castle Lite Extra Cold Mind Reader



Castle Lite recently introduced their Extra Cold Mind Reader conceptualised, developed and designed by Hellocomputer, and built by Thingking. The innovative world first is a digital mind reader that tests a user’s mind control, and rewards them with an extra cold Castle Lite draught poured to a percentage that matches their score.


Users are absorbed into a unique sensory experience with interactive lighting, cold air effects, rich immersive visuals and sound in an interactive game, where they must battle hot, distracting scenarios by focusing their minds on ‘Extra Cold’. The longer they keep their cool, the more beer is poured.


The machine utilises an EEG headset, which is calibrated to record the brain waves along the scalp by measuring the brain’s spontaneous electrical activity over a short period of time. The Extra Cold Mind Reader headset detects specific signals, such as conscious thought, emotion and facial expression and uses these signals to control the experience.


Watch the video above to see it in action.



Castle Lite Mind Reader

Mind Reader







  1. Nice execution, not-that-great-of-an-idea

  2. Isn’t it easier to order a beer from the bar? Another case of tech overwhelming the agency and losing sight of the idea…

  3. Must admit, i agree with Sheepish. No insight, idea or point. Easier to just use your mouth and order one. What is the point? if there is one real insight, people hate waiting to order drinks. And now you have this thing… fail. sorry

  4. Mmm. I guess the critical difference is we pay for pints ordered at the bar… I think it’s a pretty awesome way to earn yourself a free draught. I would imagine myself getting a little attached to the thing ._.

  5. Awesome activation idea. I think the case study lets it down though. I’d also like to know more about the tech. Maybe a more in depth explanation of how they did it?

    @sheepish I think the idea is you get an ice cold FREE beer for engaging with the brand.

  6. it is easier to order beer from a bar, but that wouldn’t make for a very good activation. This is not a product design to replace bars, its there to make memories at the brand events.

  7. Awesome idea. The case study does video does not do it justice.

  8. Better than that Look and Listen shiet