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Mr Fuzzy Slipperz


Mr Fuzzy Slipperz is Lisolomzi Pikoli, an independent illustrator and artist currently based in Johannesburg who has updated his site with some really inspiring work. You might have seen a Mr Fuzzy Slipperz mural on the streets on Cape Town, Joburg and even Berlin, but Lisolomzi’s site also features his drawings in B&W and colour and some interesting customizing projects.


Lisolomzi’s works explore ideas around both the dream state and outer body experiences through the theme Fantastical Realism. His signature characters are usually the main focus in his pieces and are guided by free forms, lines, shape, mark making and pattern work. The characters are representations of future African people; weary and impatient with the new world. ​


The most recent Mr Fuzzy Slipperz mural, just below, was painted around 3 weeks ago in New Town, Joburg. The piece is called Vusisizwe which means ‘Wake up the nation’. The making of video was made by Noël Labridy.


Find more at www.mrfuzzyslipperz.com







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Lisolomzi Pikoli

Lisolomzi Pikoli

Lisolomzi Pikoli

Lisolomzi Pikoli

Lisolomzi Pikoli

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  1. Amazing work Lisolomzi

  2. Chest Rockwell

    Fantastic pieces

  3. amazing!!!!

  4. Really rad shapes and colours. Keep it up!

  5. original and lovely

  6. Lovely illustrations. First true representation of an African style in illustration and graffiti that I’ve seen. Nice one mate.