Corné and Twakkie for Beacon Allsorts



Corné and Twakkie are back in a new TV commercial for Beacon Allsorts. The ad introduces a campaign calling for name suggestions for Beacon Allsorts’ yet-to-be-named and hard to describe soft, candy-dotted liquorice sweets. The duo have received a few enthusiastic Youtube comments on the ad. What do you think? Have you missed them?




Agency: 7 Different Kinds of Smoke
Strategic Director: Ryan Gandalf van Jaarsveld
Executive Creative Director: Neil Clarence
Art Director: Jonathan Corns
Assistant Art Director: Kyle Baillie
Writers: Andisile Bam & Nas Who
Film Company: The Film Guys
Director: Bevan Cullinan
Editor: Andre Ackermann
Animator: Andre Ackermann
Grading: Andre Ackermann
Compositing: Andre Ackermann
Recording Studio: Rocket Sound
Sound Design: Jonathan Corns



  1. Made me smile.

  2. The naming thing was not clear until the end.

  3. Th ad is confusing. Do we now hav to vote for names submitted to th competition? Tried to get to th site but it only mentions entering th name competition. Help.