Situ | Refractive Dust Collection

aurora rainbow


Situ, a collaboration between jewellery designers Philippa Green and Ida Elsje and architect/ diamantaire Gregory Katz, has launched a new collection; Refractive Dust. A diamond jewellery company with an interesting twist, Situ creates beautiful, architectural jewellery by encasing diamonds in resin. Their unorthodox design comes from the notion that “conventional metal settings detract from the gem’s brilliance”.


The pieces in the Refractive Dust collection are inspired by intergalactic storms. The team has always been facinated with experimenting with a mix of precious metals and materials that are seen to have minimal value, such as resin. In their new collection they have further explored the use of different materials in their jewellery and have combined metal dust, which is a byproduct from their studio, with the resin in some of their pieces to create another interesting dimention below the transparent surface. With diamonds suspended in resin, which doubles the diamonds’ refraction, and unconventional designs each piece is a work of art made for the customer who’s willing to try something different.


Dust bowl rings situ Libeskind ring Dust Devil Ring Hexagonal Prism ring Meteor Rings Twin Glacier ring


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