Douwe Egberts Yawn-Activated Coffee Machine



Set up at OR Tambo International Airport, this Douwe Egberts coffee machine uses facial recognition software to detect yawns. In response to a yawn, it pours a free cup of coffee for the weary traveller.


The coffee machine was set up by Joe Public at the airport’s International arrivals terminal.




Agency: Joe Public

Chief Creative Officer: Pepe Marais

Art director: Freda Raubenheimer

Copywriter: Jeanine Vermaak

Agency producer: Debbie Miller

Producers: London Models

Software developer: Neil Hoy

Client Service: Nina Kohler

Media Strategist: Jodi Calvert


All credit goes to the FACE OSC and FACE TRACKER software. 


UPDATE: With brand activations like this one often only happening for a short period of time, it’s the videos made of the events and shared online that really spread the word. Digital communications agency Retroviral, who were responsible for the seeding of this campaign, have a created an infographic that details this process and provides a case study of the ‘Bye Bye Red Eye’ campaign. Click on the pic to read:


Douwe Egberts Case Study Infographic




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  1. These interactive dispensers are becoming quite trendy. I think it’s nice for the people who get to interact with the machines but for us watching the videos and analyising the concept, it’s a bid done now.