Toyota RAV4 Outdoor Website



Digital agency Hellocomputer, with the help of Thingking, designed, built and installed a physical, outdoor website for the launch of the all-new Toyota RAV4.


As the new model is built for outdoor adventurers, they decided to take the new RAV4 website directly to target market. Set up on a mountain biking track at the Bryanston Cycle Park, the outdoor website is a scaled-up, interactive version of the actual website. Cyclists used their mountain bikes as cursors to navigate.


This is how it worked:


Online loading is a matter of time, whereas, on the outdoor track, it’s a matter of distance. So, for the first 50 metres or so, you got a 60%, 80%, 90% and finally a 100% countdown before the site came to life.


Several menu bars were erected at various stages on the track. These were overhead wooden panels with the URL of the website inscribed on it. Each menu bar featured all the sections of the track – ‘Models’, ‘Design’, ‘Safety’, ‘Interior’ and ‘Book a Test Drive’. However, depending on which section of the track the cyclist was on, only one word was highlighted: ‘Models’ on the first section, ‘Design’ on another, much like the roll-over state change in an actual online website. This interaction was triggered by an infrared sensor that the cyclist broke as he or she went past.


As the cyclist passed under the menu bar, he or she was presented with two interactive buttons, each reflecting an option from the specific section with an instruction to ‘hit’ the desired choice. For example, after passing the ‘Models’ menu bar, the cyclist got to choose between ‘4-wheel drive’ or  ‘2-wheel drive’. When the button was hit, it caused another button further down the track to change state, giving the cyclist a bit more information about the selection. An activation concluded each section, and was dependent on the topic the cyclist chose to explore. From pulley systems, to massive pinwheels and trees padded with blow-up airbags, the cyclist learnt about the assets of the new RAV4 in an entertaining and innovative way. Within each section was a wooden Twitter bird that the cyclist could smack when cruising past, sending an instant tweet.


Triggered by some very special technology, a ‘tree stump’ near the end of the track automatically printed out a slip of paper that became a test drive booking slip, and competition entry for the cyclists. Finally, a refresh button made the track ready for the next cyclist, but it also sprayed out some cool water, literally refreshing the cyclists too.




Agency: Hellocomputer & Draftfcb Johannesburg
Executive Creative Director: Kerry Friend
Art Directors: Matthys Esterhuysen, Adrian.Teixeira-Porrescas, Jade Amic
Copywriters: Camilla Clerke, Jesse Coetsee
Production: Michelle Geere, Justine Grimmer
Technology Design: Johan Pieterse, Nathan O’ Gates, Thingking
Build: Thinkging
Director and Editor: Hellocomputer, Blackenvelope Films
Chief Creative Officer: Brett Morris


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  1. Awesome, as a mountain biker myself, this definitely hits the spot!