#NowPlaying: Andrés Pallavicini



You may have noticed that it’s been a while since our last #NowPlaying feature, so we decided it’s time to kick things off again. Bringing you the very first playlist for 2013 is Andrés Pallavicini – designer by day, illustrator and music maker by night. Here’s something to make your ears happy, just in time for the long weekend.


Andrés’s playlist is called odd gods and you can find the tracklist below.



  1. The Hit – Daughters
  2. Slice Where You Live Like Pie – Don Caballero
  3. Finger bib – Aphex Twin
  4. Apartment – Clouddead
  5. Chain-Shot To Have Some Fun – Melt-Banana
  6. The Scarecrow Speaks – Deep Puddle Dynamics
  7. Try Dis – Hella
  8. Chemical Calisthenics – Blackalicious
  9. Ginseng – Koi
  10. Anna – Charles Spearin
  11. I’ll Cut You Down – Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats
  12. All Things To All Men – The Cinematic Orchestra




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