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Matthew Bradley


Matthew Bradley is a third year student majoring in Illustration at the Stellenbosch Academy of Photography and Design. Growing up on a farm near Grabouw, he was always interested in illustration, but it was only about half way through second year that he realised it was the direction he wanted to pursue. He is drawn to illustration for the endless possibilities it offers; it allows him to create situations without limit, as far as his imagination can take him.


While Matthew tries not to lose touch with painting and drawing by hand, he produces work in a variety of mediums. He says, “Lately I’ve enjoyed working with vectors, as it is a relatively new medium to me. I enjoy working with vectors, as I like the idea of using simplified forms and shapes to create images. I appreciate good humour, and try to bring it in wherever I can, whether it is subtle or more blatant. I like to try and create interest in mundane situations or objects.”


Other than illustration, his enjoyments include the ocean, coffee table books, the Internet, taking pictures, and collecting a variety of different things. He hopes to do a post-grad in Curatorship after receiving his degree.


Follow Matthew’s work on Behance, Blogger, Tumblr or Twitter.



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