Introducing: Creative Portal

Creative Portal


Creative Portal is a newly launched, online, creative outsourcing platform in South Africa bringing freelancers and clients together. The idea evolved from a conversation between a creative freelancer and a small business owner about the limited access that small businesses have to creative resources in tough economic times, as well as the frustration and challenges of local creative freelancers.


The platform is a place where local companies can post short-term projects for freelancers, gaining access to SA’s leading creative talent. Registered creative freelancers will have new job leads sent directly to them, gaining access to a constant flow of new clients and jobs. Agencies are also invited to use the site when looking to outsource skills for a campaign. As SA’s first ‘cyber agency’ all jobs on Creative Portal are posted, delivered and completely managed online by both the freelancer and the client.


With a strong focus on being efficient and mutually beneficial, Creative Portal aims to make sure that the relationship between small businesses and creative freelancers will be progressively seamless and even define the future of advertising and communication for many businesses in SA.


And what makes Creative Portal different for freelancers?


– There is no risk that you won’t get paid by a client. Client pays upfront, Creative Portal holds the money in an audited holding account and releases the money upon completion.

– They believe in growing and adding value to the South African creative community. Creative Portal is for South African creatives providing creative services for South African companies only.

– Relevant leads are sent directly to a your inbox. All you have to do is choose which one you want to pitch for.

– Freelancer memberships are limited to ensure that the quality of freelancers is managed. This means that you won’t be pitching against hundreds of candidates for each job.

– There is no bidding process, this means that you can never be undercut by a freelancer who is willing to do it for less. Send through a proposal for the job and you will be awarded based on your skills and quality of work, not by lowering your price. The budget that is set by the client is the amount that will be paid to you.


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