CLEAR Shampoo Claw Machine



Finally, a shampoo campaign that doesn’t involve a foreign model with hair extensions, a fan and dramatic background music.


CLEAR launched their unique version of the claw machine at Oppikoppi. Instead of R2 coins, players like the CLEAR South Africa page on Facebook to get a credit. The machine is programmed with a Xbox Kinect-style sensor. So, no sneaky steel claw or sticky joystick, rather players use hand movements to move the claw around. The prizes include sample-size shampoos and vouchers, which is a lot cooler (and more functional) than the usual teddy bear or cheap watch, especially at a festival like Oppikoppi.


The machine was the result of a collaboration between Cow Africa and Wezside’s Wesley Swanepoel. Cow Africa does digital marketing, brand activation and PR, but always with a twist. They were the masterminds behind the tweet-activated vending machine for Bos Ice Tea, as well as some interesting Bacardi campaigns. Wesley builds stuff. He is all about making technology accessible and interactive, and the CLEAR machine accomplishes exactly this.





  1. Great. Another vending machine. It seems to be too much emphasis on technology and no actual idea.

  2. Fun idea, the prizes inside looked a little lame (was that just a shampoo sample in the example in the video?)

    Interestingly and on an aside, they’re doing something dodgy on their Facebook page, 4 million+ likes for a South African company? That’s almost 7 times more than all the cellular network pages combined! Not listed on major indexing sites and next to no engagement compared to the size of their page. Like farming?

  3. Utterly irrelevant.
    Terrible attempt at jumping on the smart vending machine band wagon.
    Seeing the title, I thought the choice of a claw machine was playing off an itchy scalp insight etc.

  4. No amount of technology can hide the lack of idea or insight behind this stunt. Kinda sad, with this budget you could have done a lot, instead you have a machine that makes you like it on facebook and go through a huge mission just to get a coupon.
    Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  5. I agree with all the comments above. No solid idea and bought Likes for the Facebook page is not cool. I mean 4 million?!

  6. Think these were the same guys who did the tweet for Bos vending machine… I see a pattern.

  7. Hellocomputer did this 2/3 years ago for Musica. Only theirs had an IDEA.

  8. Chest Rockwell

    This just looks like too much of an effort for a small reward

  9. What does this have to do with shampoo ? nice mechanic, but thats all it is.

  10. Giving away shampoo at a dusty festival seems like an idea to me.

  11. I think this is a fun idea.

    @ Head scratcher > how is this so irrelevant? The vending machine was at dusty oppikoppi and Clear only asked for 1 like to get a free beer voucher and some shampoo. Plus, you get to play with some cool tech. Seems pretty straight forward to me.

    @ somecopywriter > Why don’t you show the world your amazing work? How is it a HUGE mission to like something on facebook. Don’t forget to breath, it is fairly easy.

  12. @George

    It’s not like we can tell the context from this video alone. Despite what you said, I still don’t think there is a solid message to take home.

  13. @ Snarky > Then you should have read the write up before agreeing with all of the above comments. It CLEARly says that the machine was launched at Oppikoppi.

    I was there. I saw it being used, and people had fun playing around with it.

    Is the message supposed to be more complicated for you to want a free beer and shampoo sample?

  14. @George The use of the claw machine is irrelevant to the product because there is no idea linked to the tech. No justification for its use. Dust is not a viable argument. Dust is not a strategy. Dust is not an idea.
    If the user had to maneuver the claw in a way that mimicked scratching an itchy scalp then maybe it would have had some (a very remote) link to the product.

    You also should of done the AV featuring the device at the actual location, dust and all.

  15. The claw machine is also modelled like the old ones you would find in a 90s arcade. While CLEAR’s ads have been very modern and slick with a technological feel. It just jars.