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CLEAR Shampoo Claw Machine



Finally, a shampoo campaign that doesn’t involve a foreign model with hair extensions, a fan and dramatic background music.


CLEAR launched their unique version of the claw machine at Oppikoppi. Instead of R2 coins, players like the CLEAR South Africa page on Facebook to get a credit. The machine is programmed with a Xbox Kinect-style sensor. So, no sneaky steel claw or sticky joystick, rather players use hand movements to move the claw around. The prizes include sample-size shampoos and vouchers, which is a lot cooler (and more functional) than the usual teddy bear or cheap watch, especially at a festival like Oppikoppi.


The machine was the result of a collaboration between Cow Africa and Wezside’s Wesley Swanepoel. Cow Africa does digital marketing, brand activation and PR, but always with a twist. They were the masterminds behind the tweet-activated vending machine for Bos Ice Tea, as well as some interesting Bacardi campaigns. Wesley builds stuff. He is all about making technology accessible and interactive, and the CLEAR machine accomplishes exactly this.




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