Ray-Ban | The #ENVISION Series



For their new campaign, the #ENVISION series, Ray-Ban has set out to find individuals who have found their purpose and are staying true to their vision. In the local component of the campaign we hear from photographer Paul Ward (who also directed and edited the campaign videos), artist Swain Hoogervorst, blogger and accessory customizer Tiisetso Molobi, and Anthony Smith and Bradley Abrahams, the guys behind street wear brand 2BOP.


The videos are part of a global Ray-Ban campaign inviting fans to share their own vision. Tell them what you’ve always wanted to do and they might bring it to life.




Director and editor – Paul Ward
Sound – Simon Kohler (Fly On The Wall)
Backing Tracks by Gateway Drugs


The video above features Anthony Smith and Bradley Abrahams of 2BOP:


Anthony Smith grew up playing arcade games at corner stores in his childhood neighbourhood. Today, together with Bradley Abrahams, he’s turned that nostalgia into a clothing label with a strong local following and a growing international market. Following their vision 2BOP started in 2004 as a way to turn a passion for classic video games into a form of expression. The label draws inspiration primarily from games that were popular in South Africa at corner shops and arcades in the1980s and early 1990s when gameplay was key and graphics, if they were good, were an added bonus. Disadvantaged areas during apartheid South Africa had little to offer in terms of exposure to cutting edge international design or computer technology but the bootleg arcade games that used twenty cent pieces (a 2Bop) to play at the corner shop were a window into what was happening in the outside world.



Paul Ward started documenting South African youth culture in 2010, with the creation of www.diaryofward.com. He created both a personal photographic capsule, as well a platform where South African youth culture could be showcased, celebrated and explored. As his role as a documenter got more integrated, he was able to start using his advertising background, his photographic eye and his role in South African youth culture, to create images which authentically communicated the language of the urban youth.



Meet Tiisetso Molobi (also known as Urban Mosadi), mother, blogger and expert in customising clothing and accessories. Thus far, Tiisetso has been titled a Photographer, Stylist and Product Designer. She dabbles in all three fields and intends on dabbling in many more on her quest to being a taste-maker.



The essence of his visionary work lies in its ability to communicate without analogy. Swain Hoogervorst is interested in how art can be used as a form of communication. Using his feelings as a tool his aim is to create work that transcends barriers of class, race and language. Emotions are something that we all share and therefore become a very powerful form of communication.


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