5 Creative Co-Working Spaces in Johannesburg

Since we’ve already rounded up 5 of the best creative co-working spaces in Cape Town, we decided to share the options Johannesburg has to offer. It’s clear that this is only the beginning of the thriving co-working culture that’s on the rise, but as you’ll see, these spaces make for a pretty great start.

The HUB Johannesburg:

5 Creative Co-Working Spaces in Johannesburg

The HUB, situated on 4 De Beer Street in the heart of Braamfontein, offers a space for changemakers to work, learn and collaborate. The space is open-plan and the community of social innovators who use it cultivate a dynamic and creative environment. All practicalities like printers, high speed internet, and drinks are catered for in the space, and members can choose from a variety of places to work within the building. There is also a boardroom and a separate event space. The HUB team is passionate about enabling your success by ensuring that you meet the right people. More than just a co-working space, membership allows you to gain access to a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs, and the HUB hosts a wide range of events to create opportunities for collaboration, learning and growth. With different membership packages available to suit your budget and needs, working at the HUB is flexible. This makes it the perfect place for innovators, creatives, IT geeks and more to meet, work and connect.


OPEN Johannesburg:


OPEN Johannesburg was started with the belief that our workplaces need to change to adapt to the change in the way we work. The space is for autonomous professionals who sell their skills, time, talent and creativity, striving to make a difference. OPEN Johannesburg is a place to share resources and ideas by connecting with others who are equally curious and driven, to create a challenging and inspiring environment. There are multiple membership options as well as the option of non-member day use, and a boardroom available for hire. If you’re looking for a space that allows you to live while you are working: feeling passionate, inspired, relaxed, meaningful, and connected, OPEN may be the perfect fit. You can find it on the 4th floor, Mainchange, in 20 Kruger Street.




Located in 44 Stanley Ave, Millpark, JoziHub is a dynamic and interactive community where tech innovators can collaborate with the business and research community. JoziHub aims to harness the power of innovation, start-ups and creative collaboration to initiate sustainable progress in Africa. It’s a space which facilitates partnerships that support and nurture developers, innovators, and start-ups. Ultimately, the space serves as a co-working space where entrepreneurs can meet, connect and share. It has semi-permanent and permanent areas where you can access all the services you require, including meeting rooms, printing services, high speed connectivity, and more.


NewARC studio:


The NewARC Studios is a space run by artists, for artists, and offers studio spaces and support facilities for artists. It functions as a central hub for visual artists working in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, photography, curating, writing, video, and printmaking. NewARC Studios operates with an emphasis on community, collaboration, sustainability and the sharing of resources, knowledge and skills. Studio sizes range from 12-30 square metres, and the prices vary depending on whether they are shared or not. Included in rent is water, lights, security, Internet access, basic furniture, access to a growing library and a collection of art making resources. NewARC also has a workshop area where artists and groups can rent a desk per day. An ideal space to be part of a vibrant artistic community, and gain access to a large network of art audiences, the studios are situated in 41 Gwi Gwi Mrwebi St, Newtown.


At The Table:


Strictly speaking, At The Table isn’t a co-working space, but since their principles line up with what co-working spaces are all about, we thought it deserved to be included. At The Table, located on First Avenue West, Parkhurst, brings a multi-purpose venue into an area of the city that is home to an array of interesting and innovative individuals. The main focus is on regular events where guests gather to converse over delicious homecooked meals, around a big 20-seater table. The idea behind this is to cultivate connections between strangers with aligning interests, by creating a place for people to share their experiences, knowledge, insights and opinions. Topics At The Table include books, art, fashion, technology, trends and more. Alongside organised events, At The Table is available for individual or group bookings and can be used for anything from an off-site brainstorming location to a research space. Whatever you use it for, the emphasis is on community.


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