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The Shining Girls Charity Art Show

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Award-winning author Lauren Beukes, and design curator and consultant, Jacki Lang, are working together to host The Shining Girls Charity Art Show, as part of The Book Lounge’s Open Book Festival taking place in September. The event will be showcasing local talent and is loosely themed around Beukes’s novel, The Shining Girls.


A selection of over 50 hand-picked South African artists, designers, illustrators, photographers, and jewellery designers were approached to participate in this collaborative exhibition. Included in the line-up of contributing artists are Brett Murray, Roger Ballen, Zapiro, Paul Senyol, Claudette Schreuders, and Wim Botha. To create their works, the artists were sent pages that were torn out of the book to use in creating new and original pieces of art. These works are inspired by the many themes the book invites and travel through all the eras the book encompasses. How each artist responds to the brief and the vastly varied creations that come out of it are part of what makes the show so interesting.


All the works shown as part of the exhibition will be framed and sold, with 100% of the proceeds going to Rape Crisis – a charity that actively fights violence against women and supports survivors. Every bit of support, funding and awareness raised enables the organization to further their cause. The team are hoping to raise a total of R50 000 and each work will be sold for R 1000 in an effort to meet this goal. As a result, this exhibition will also enable art lovers to purchase original works from some of the most talented artists in South Africa.


Exhibition Details:


  • Opening night: Friday 6 September
  • Time: 5:30
  • Venue: Cape Town School of Photography – 4th Floor, Roeland Street, Cape Town.
  • The exhibition runs until 13 September, open daily from 9am-5pm.


For more information, email Jacki Lang:


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