Captain Morgan Rescues Jack Parow | Oppikoppi Publicity Stunt



In the spirit of this year’s Oppikoppi theme “Bewilderbeast,” event sponsors Captain Morgan were challenged with the task of creating a stunt that would have attendees talking long after the festivities were over.


Wanting to showcase the daring and adventurous Captain Morgan himself (who in fact was a real buccaneer) – the team came up with the idea to create an opportunity for him to rescue a crew mate. The scheming began, as the brand team (including FoxP2, Eclipse PR, Urbian and BrandsRock) partnered with legendary South African performer Jack Parow to create the buzz-worthy campaign.


It all started with the announcement that Jack Parow, a festival favourite, had been added to the already formidable line-up of artists at Oppi. Soon however, delight turned into disappointment when it was leaked via social media networks that Jack would no longer been performing. The “official” report stated that he had been detained by authorities on Wednesday for “disturbing the peace following a jaunt on a catamaran at the Vaalkop Dam 60km South East of Northam.” A believable story, considering it’s Jack Parow we’re talking about – the “news” was aired on television and made newspaper headlines.


Soon enough, Saturday rolled around as did Jack’s scheduled performance time, during which a two-minute video was screened showing Jack apologising to the audience via cellphone for missing his show. This is where things started to unfold: after the apology, the feed was interrupted to show Captain Morgan rescuing Jack using his Morganettes as a decoy, at which point Jack himself arrived at Oppi in a police car accompanied by Captain Morgan, ready to perform for the unexpectant audience.


The campaign is illustrated in this video created by The Institute, which shows fans reacting to the news of Jack Parow’s detainment and the sequence of events which led to his (never cancelled) performance.




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