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Creative Women: Candice Wyatt-Minter

Candice Wyatt [Candice Wyatt [Jessica Hunkin]2]


Candice Wyatt-Minter is the woman at the heart of Wyatt Hairdressing and Barbering, and a Joburg institution all on her own. This series of Creative Women features would be incomplete without this exceptionally talented lady. Candice’s acutely refined aesthetic eye and attention to detail set her apart as an artist among hairdressers. We caught up with her again in her stunning new salon to find out what she’s been up to, which turns out to be unsurprisingly, quite a lot.


Describe yourself in three words:


Energetic, passionate and hair-nerd.


Your brand new salon is an evolution of the old. What was the thinking behind the space?


We wanted to have a space that was both comfortable for the hairdresser and the client, respecting the environment was a huge catalyst behind the design. Only using local designers, minimizing our carbon footprint, finding products that would last and creating an oxygen rich environment but in the same time not compromising on beautiful design. Our designers Dokter and Misses and Joe Paine have provided us with a space that as Hairdressers we feel we can be more artistic within.


What influences and inspirations have helped you hone your aesthetic sensibility, and which we see manifest in your space and your collections?


I’m completely obsessed with Bauhaus Architecture and Modernist design. I’m also a very concerned about the environment and appreciate good design that invests in Eco options. The haircare brand that we use, Davines, is environmentally friendly and has such an amazing ethos and has inspired me to care more for the environment.


What are some of the good things and some of the challenges about working in the creative industry in South Africa?


I have never come across any challenges working within the South African creative industry, in fact I believe that coming from Jozi happens to be my biggest advantage, we all come from a background where we didn’t have school outings to the Tate Modern or Guggenheim. If we wanted to follow a creative path we had to research it for ourselves and being so far from the creative hubs has kept our ideas quite untainted and unique.


Which female creative inspires you and why?


Vivienne Westwood, she is so outspoken, humble and true to herself; an absolute master when it comes to fashion, her clothes always define a generation but at the same time are still always feminine.


Candice Wyatt [Jessica Hunkin6]Candice Wyatt [Jessica Hunkin3]Candice Wyatt [Jessica Hunkin9]


The Iridescence new work for the Vitruvian Collection look book 1 conveys an almost futuristic femininity. What was your intention behind this work?


The colour has been inspired be the shimmer and iridescence of a pearl that balance the strong lines of the cuts. The cuts highlight the feminine neck and jaw.


You’ve recently been selected as a finalist in the Avant-Garde category of the Aipp awards for your Vitruvian Collection; how do you mediate between this extreme and a client saying they’d “just like a trim” on the other?


It is a very easy transition for me because I’m a perfectionist in everything that I do and that is my focus.


What trends do you foresee making an impact in the near future?


I believe we will be seeing a lot more reds and copper. Then the extremes of platinum blonde and obsidian black. I’m hoping that we will see more shorter hair cuts on woman.


Please tell us more about the intention behind the Advanced Hair Academy that you’ve just started…


I felt a need to open an academy as there have been hairdressers around the globe asking if they could come to South Africa and train with us. We feel that we have a unique methodology to haircutting that we could share with others.


What traits do you believe you have that make you so good at what you do?


I never believe that I have ever obtained a perfect cut and always feel I can do better. I feel I can learn more everyday.


In lieu of being able to tell us about your upcoming collection, can you at least give us a clue by saying where you’ve drawn inspiration from…


Think versatility and transition, the new collection is called Facet.


 Candice Wyatt [Jessica Hunkin15]Candice Wyatt [Jessica Hunkin4] Candice Wyatt [Jessica Hunkin1]Candice Wyatt [Jessica Hunkin7]Candice Wyatt [Jessica Hunkin8]   Candice Wyatt [Jessica Hunkin5]Candice Wyatt [Jessica Hunkin10] Candice Wyatt [Jessica Hunkin13]Candice Wyatt [Jessica Hunkin11]     Candice Wyatt [Jessica Hunkin]Candice Wyatt [Jessica Hunkin14]Wyatt Hairdressing and Barbering Candice Wyatt scissorsCandice Wyatt Iridescence, part of Vitruvian look book 1  Candice Wyatt Iridescence, part of Vitruvian look book 1[2] Candice Wyatt Iridescence, part of Vitruvian look book 1[3] Candice Wyatt Iridescence, part of Vitruvian look book 1[4] Candice Wyatt Iridescence, part of Vitruvian look book 1[5]Candice Wyatt Iridescence, part of Vitruvian look book 1[1][vimeo][/vimeo]Candice Wyatt Candice Wyatt hair showCandice WyattCandice Wyatt backstage for Vitruvian Collection


Photos of Candice by Jessica Hunkin.


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