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Following their Sir Ben Kingsley campaign, Santam has once again made use of an unexpected twist in their latest TV campaign; all the lead characters are under hypnosis. World renowned Irish hypnotist Keith Barry hypnotised candidates on the streets of Joburg in an experiment to show how people become extra careful when they believe they are more vulnerable. For the first ad men were hypnotised to believe they were pregnant, resulting in some extremely cautious behaviour. In the second, which airs on TV for the first time this Sunday, young adults were hypnotised to believe they were old and frail.


The actions of those hypnotised were not staged but were filmed in a controlled environment to ensure the safety of all involved.


The ad forms part of the latest Santam brand campaign which encourages people to “Be safe out there”, and consists of press, radio, outdoor and digital. The newly released Santam microsite explores human behaviour within the context of the TV concept through a series of documentary style videos. The site also shares a behind-the-scenes view of the hypnosis experiments shown in the TV ads, and interviews with Keith Barry and the lead characters.


The aim of the campaign is to make us think about the risks we take on a daily basis and highlights the fact that even the smallest change in thinking can only make us safer.


In response to the skeptics, King James says, “In case you were wondering whether the people in the ads were really hypnotised, the answer is yes. This came with some challenges as the hypnotised candidates could not be directed and we were completely reliant on their subconscious perception of being pregnant or old. Also, when hypnotised, most people can only be instructed to perform the same task a maximum of three times before they become conscious of what they’re doing, For the safety of all involved, the environment was controlled but the behaviour under hypnosis was completely spontaneous.”




Ad agency: King James

Production company: Bouffant

Director: Dean Blumberg














  1. Amazing how it look so nice and how well dressed the actors are for something that is real 😉

  2. I have to agree with Josy. It looks suspiciously like a stylist was involved- specially with the guy in the scarf. Also strange how the guys never looked at the film crew filming them.

  3. Great idea.

  4. They were hypnotised in a controlled environment.. this means that they knew that they were going to be hypnotised and filmed and were even paid for their role, but under hypnosis, all they “knew” was that they had an unborn baby to protect.. expect more ads such as this popping up in the near future, cos if I paid a world reknowned hypnotist for publicity, I’ll expect more than this one short ad.