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People’s Choice TV ads 2013



It’s just about time for the Loeries; a celebration of  South African advertising at its best.  With the judging panel being a selection of industry elites who are focusing mainly on creativity and innovation, we wondered how their choice of  ‘good ads’ would compare to public opinion. Despite the creative energy and time put into winning adverts, are they what the people want to see?  To try and get an idea we decided to ask a random sample taken from outside the ad world to see what adverts they’ve enjoyed watching over the past year. In acknowledging that this social experiment wasn’t the least bit scientific, what we found was still quite interesting.


“That new ad with the Tooth Fairy.”

Advert: Gary the Toothfairy/GaryNet | MNet | Fresh Eye Films

Occupation: Preschool owner/teacher




“The Santam ad, it’s pretty cool.”

Advert: Baby on Board | Santam | KingJames

Occupation: Fabric wholesaler




“The Cape Town Fish Market ad where they say fresh!”

Advert: ‘Fresh’ | Cape Town Fish Market | Lowe Cape Town

Occupation: High school teacher


Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 12.10.18 PM
This ad was recently banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for discrimination.


“That bank ad about something to do with our future, I liked it.”

Advert: You Can Help Live Broadcast | FNB | MetropolitanRepublic

Occupation: Medical student




“Oh that Standard Bank one, when they go through time with that song?”

Advert: Moving forward | Standard Bank | TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris  JHB

Occupation: Coffee shop waiter




“That King Pie one where the white lady speaks Zulu.”

Advert: Mnandilicious | King Pie

Occupation: Vintage clothing store owner




“The ice-cream, car ad. It’s cute.”

Advert: Ice-cream | Toyota Corolla | Draftfcb

Occupation: Radiologist assistant




“The KFC zinger one, with the puppies.”

Advert: Man 1, Love Struck Girls 0. | KFC | Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg

Occupation: Ophthalmologist




“The one with Errol! It’s some telecommunication company…You know, when he can’t get away from the woman?”

Advert: Errol | Vodacom 3G | Ireland Davenport

Occupation: Book/Clothing Store Manager




“The new Savanna!”

Advert: Big watch | Savanna | Draftfcb

Occupation: Toy Wholesaler




“The Audi one, where the engine just vrooms.”

Advert: Audi R8

Occupation: Engineering Student




“OLX, I think? With the tiny scooter?”

Advert: Motorbike/Everything Sells | OLX

Occupation: Personal Assistant




Look out for the 2013 Loeries finalists being announced next week, and keep updated with all our Loeries coverage at


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