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Featured: Louwrens Venter

Louwrens Venter


Louwrens Venter is an illustrator and graphic designer from Pretoria. He received a BA visual communications degree from Open Window, and is currently working as a designer for Blackriver F.C. We chat to him to find out more…


Describe yourself in one sentence.

I’m a dedicated and passionate individual.


Why did you choose to pursue a career in design? 

I’ve always enjoyed anything that involved the process of creating something. I enjoy working with my hands and most importantly I enjoy the self-gratification I get from the end product. So design and illustration naturally followed.


How long have you been working for Blackriver F.C? Tell us about your experience there so far…

I’ve been working for Blackriver F.C for 10 months. It has been an exciting experience. There is an extremely high standard expected from every creative. This pushes you to constantly develop your craft.


How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I like to think that every project I do, is executed in a completely different style to the previous one. I’m always striving to keep my iconography subtle and not to become stuck in one style or method of working. A lot of Illustrators and designers find one style that works for them and stick with it for the rest of their career. I’m not saying this is wrong; I just want to strive to be dynamic in my craft and never allow my work to feel monotonous to me.


 What are some of the things that influence your design?

As a creative, I believe it’s extremely important to constantly be inspired and in a way always make your own work feel inadequate. It’s my personal opinion that the creative field is one that can never be mastered; as soon as you perfect one aspect of your craft you realize several other ways of doing it. It’s for this reason that the drive to develop as a creative is my greatest influence. If I never become bored or uninterested with design or illustration or any visual communication for that matter, I will always be exited to start working in the morning.


A while back, you designed a self-initiated cover for Computer Arts magazine. How important do you think those types of self-assigned projects are for the growth of a designer or any creative for that matter?

I think it is an extremely important to developed your craft and not get stuck in one style. The reason why people become creative is either they love doing their craft or/and love being surrounded by their craft. Self-initiated projects give you freedom to explore new styles and techniques without the worry of meeting a deadline and strengthen the passion for what we do. What you gain from self-initiated projects only strengthens your work. I believe the times where you don’t have an overwhelming amount of work, should be used to enjoy your craft and to do the projects you one day dream to receive.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received, and what advice would you give to someone looking to do what you do?

At varsity there was an anonymous quote on the wall of one of my classrooms, “Do what you love and love what you do”. This made such an impact on me I made an artwork of this line in illustrative type. It’s been my desktop background for the last three years. I really believe if you love what you do, and what you do isn’t just a job but a passion and a lifestyle, you will only produce wonderful work.


What are some of the things you spend your time doing when you aren’t designing and illustrating?

Before I discovered the world of design and illustration I was obsessed with music. I started playing guitar and drums in primary school and was my obsession all through high school. And it’s something I still practice greatly and something I pursue to always improve on. Another hobby of mine since I was a young boy is Fly Fishing. So when I’m not designing or illustrating I’m either making music or fishing.


What do you have planned going forward?

That’s a difficult question. For the near future I’m planning on working for Blackriver F.C for while, my portfolio has grown tremendously over the last ten months and I’ve had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects. My long-term goal is to one day have my own illustration studio.


Visit Louwrens’ profile on Behance to view more of his work:


Louwrens Venter

Louwrens Venter Computer Arts Cover

Louwrens Venter

Louwrens Venter

Louwrens Venter

Louwrens Venter Greitland poster design

Louwrens Venter Greitland poster design

Louwrens Venter Greitland poster design

Louwrens Venter Greitland poster design

Louwrens Venter Digital water colour

Louwrens Venter Digital water colourLouwrens Venter4

Louwrens Venter5

Louwrens Venter6

Louwrens Venter

Louwrens Venter2

Louwrens Venter3

Whiteboy Shebeen Packaging Design2

Whiteboy Shebeen Packaging Design

Whiteboy Shebeen Packaging Design6

Louwrens Venter Computer Arts Cover

Louwrens Venter Computer Arts Cover

Louwrens Venter7

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