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BIG FKN GUN “Wunga” Music Video

[youtube width=”640″ height=”400″][/youtube]


BIG FKN GUN has released the new video for their song called “Wunga” – the second track off their EP Pop Models.


The video acts as a social awareness campaign, making reference to a very vile drug – Whoonga  – that is doing a great deal of damage particularly amongst Durban youths. The filming for the video was done in the streets of Johannesburg, with the idea to marry the ambient street sounds with the original track. The overall concept was to create more of a short film than something along the lines of a traditional music video.


BIG FKN GUN is fronted by Nhlanhla Ngcobo, also known as Bra Sol – a copywriter for Black Rive FC. The rest of the band is made up by Soulfaktor and So&So.




Album art: Sindiso Nyoni

Director & Editor: Ravi Govender

Director of Photography: Justin McGee

Title design: Lex & Soulfaktor

Set design: Ravi Govender and Marie Fricout

Colour grading: Soulfaktor

Sound design: So&So


BIG FKN GUN on bandcamp:






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