#APGProvoke Hangout 1 for Loeries 2013 – Hope Soap with Colwyn Elder

As part of our involvement with the Loerie Awards 2013 we’re partnering with the Account Planning Group South Africa. We’re hosting daily hangouts with the APG and in this first episode Theo Erasmus from GLOO interviews Colwyn Elder about Y&R’s recent campaign for Hope Soap.


Catch new Hangouts everyday during Creative Week: 13:00 on 10and5.



  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. Marvellous idea. I have a question: how did you get around the children breaking open the soap to get to the toy? Not having seen the product I appreciate that this might very well be a moot point.

  2. Hi Sid, glad you like the idea. As far as I know we haven’t had any incidence of children breaking the soap to access the toy. The washing is part of the game, a bit like opening a multi-layered present (except that its transparent so you can see whats inside 🙂 The more you wash the closer you get to your reward.